What's That on Your Plate?

22. "Bottled in bond" refers to:
a. White lightning made by prison inmates
b. Wine made from grapes that were trampled by shod feet
c. Whiskey stored in government-approved warehouses
d. A specialized label developed from the 007 movies

23. Ku chai is:
a. A martial art similar to Tae-Bo
b. Chinese for "a-choo"
c. A sushi chef's uniform
d. Chinese chives

24. Kudzu is considered:
a. The bane of the South
b. Delicious by the Chinese and Japanese
c. A good source of vitamins A and D
d. All of the above

25. A dish that includes alligator pear as its main ingredient could be:
a. Paté
b. Fruit tart
c. Guacamole
d. Everglades stew

26. The original Mango Gang is said to include:
a. Allen Susser, Al Capone, Mark Militello, Javier Suarez
b. Norman Van Aken, Allen Susser, Kerry Simon, Robbin Haas
c. Norman Van Aken, Douglas Rodriguez, Dennis Rodman, Carmen Electra
d. Allen Susser, Mark Militello, Norman Van Aken, Douglas Rodriguez

27. Lingcod is:
a. A greenling
b. An affectionate nickname for a character on Ally McBeal
c. An exceptionally good-looking fish
d. A baby cod

28. Oloroso is:
a. Gold-color sherry
b. Gold-leaf lettuce
c. Edible gold-leaf garnish for cakes
d. Not really a word at all

29. Celebrity restaurateur Cameron Diaz is about to open:
a. Bambú
b. La Bamba
c. Bam-Bam
d. Bimbo

30. A fat mop is:
a. Used to absorb the grease from soups and stews
b. Used to add grease to soups and stews
c. British for a low-slung motorcycle
d. A restaurant critic who's been too long on the job

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