Is it a tome or tomb?

Next up for Push Button Objects is a twelve-inch collaboration on Chocolate Industries with Miami's èminence grise turntablist DJ Craze under the guise of Ko-Wreck Technique, as well as a live date Wednesday, November 17, at the Meza Gallery's (275 Giralda Ave., in Coral Gables) weekly Exedra party. On tap for that evening is an improvisational jam with two of Farinas's percussion-playing pals, recently returned from studying in Cuba with the legendary rumba outfit Muñequitos de Mantanzas. "Before I moved down here I really wasn't up on my own Cuban culture," the Cuban-American Farinas notes, describing a childhood in New York City where Puerto Rican styles were dominant in the air. "But here," he adds warmly, "Cuban culture is everywhere!"

Also on deck for Exedra this Wednesday is England's electro deconstructionist Mikey Dred, and a cast of the usual suspects. Music starts at 10:00 p.m.

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