The Un-Teflon Don

After years of popularity, a financial scandal threatens the reign of City Manager Donald Warshaw

That day could come sooner than many expect. On November 2 voters will decide whether to drastically change the structure of city government. If the amendments to the city charter pass, the manager's position will be eliminated and Carollo will have to seek re-election. The mayor's opponents will likely refer to Warshaw's troubles. Their argument may be the following: Under the current system the electorate is powerless to act against a bad city manager. Voting for the amendments would give the public the power to recall or vote out a troubled mayor.

Perhaps more persuasive than Warshaw's problems in making the case for abolition of the city manager's job may be the problems of Cesar Odio. He was removed from the office and pleaded guilty to corruption charges in 1997.

Odio, by the way, appointed Warshaw police chief in July 1994.

photo illustration by Steve Satterwhite
photo illustration by Steve Satterwhite

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