The Return of the Space-Age Bachelor

The now sound of Miami expat Ursula 1000

And being able to get people moving with his music is essential for Gimeno. This past year in New York he worked at musical instrument retail store Sam Ash during the day and spun at downtown restaurant Clementine at night for close to six months. "It got boring really fast. There's no dance floor because of the whole Giuliani restaurant/cabaret license law," he says about the mayor's edict requiring any operation where people might be inclined to dance to have a cabaret license. "It's a very Footloose kind of thing," he jokes. "There's places that have these signs, little plaques, that say 'No dancing in accordance with ordinance blah, blah, blah.'"

A few months ago Gimeno dropped both the retail and restaurant gigs and is now attempting to make a living full-time from his music. "Recently I was invited to DJ in Berlin with the duo Le Hammond Inferno and a DJ named Stereo DeLuxe," Gimeno says. "It was great, and when I came back, I decided that even if I have to bite the bullet financially, I want to do music and DJing and that's it. I don't want to spend 45 hours of my life working in a store that I don't really care about." A few weeks ago he DJed in San Francisco and Philadelphia and every once in a while he spins at the New York City club Life, but nothing stable has presented itself yet.

The now sound of Miami expat Ursula 1000
The now sound of Miami expat Ursula 1000

All that free time means reading, watching James Bond and Peter Sellers movies, working on his Website,, spending a lot of quality time with the dog (yes, the ferocious creature is still around), and getting a lot of work done. Gimeno is readying a single to be released on the Bungalow label and has almost an entire album's worth of tracks prepared for the next Ursula 1000 record. The challenge now is to not repeat himself, stay human-sounding, and fresh. "That will definitely be a venture," he allows. "I'm always still buying new records. I'm up on the whole scene of where electronica and dance music is going so I'm not stuck in any kind of genre. I'm still dabbling in retro sounds. What matters is what's over it to give it a modern flavor."

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