Stompers of Gompers

Think Hunter S. Thompson had it rough with the Hell's Angels? Try messing with the cyclists on the Rickenbacker Causeway.

Adler then drove Gompers to South Miami Hospital, where doctors put five stitches into his left cheek. According to police, his ribs were bruised, his left arm was swollen, and he had road rash on the right side of his back. Gompers, who spent most of Friday in the emergency room, says his eardrum was ruptured, a rib was broken, and there were cleat marks on his back.

The hammer riders don't condone road rage, but argue that Gompers was asking for it. "When we reach the key, we're reaching the height of the ride," explains Bill Sarille, a fifteen-year hammer veteran. "People get a little aggressive. Everyone's a little excited. He picked a fight at the wrong time."


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