Punk underdogs refuse to move on

If you squinted real hard, you could almost make out Wavy Gravy at the August 28 Fêt Champêt concert, held at Little Haiti's delightfully hippie-esque Earth N' Us Farm. Several roots-driven Haitian bands performed over the course of the day, all to benefit Operation Green Leaves' reforestation projects back in Haiti's countryside. Competing for attention with the farm's goats, peacocks, and swarm of honeybees, were four City of Miami commissioners, all come to fete both the fêt and the politically ascendant Haitian community. In case anyone didn't grasp the significance of their presence, Commissioner Art Teele made it clear in a giddy announcement from the stage: "When four out of the five city commissioners are here ... that's veto power!" The true highlight came during an afternoon tour of the farm's grounds. As the four commissioners stood huddled underneath a tree house, a small child came swinging by on a dangling rope, Tarzan-style, nearly taking out the entire group, and thus finally resolving the city's current charter crisis.

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