There Goes the Bride

Runaway Bride

When the film finally does fall completely apart, it seems little more than a foregone conclusion. Ike and Maggie get together for one reason and one reason only: because they have to, that's why. Perish the thought that Marshall, who gave us, among other things, Laverne & Shirley might play upon our expectations and attempt something original. Everything about Runaway Bride (the sitcom pacing, the unvaried shot selection, the clichéd music) is perfectly ordinary. Marshall is the very definition of a hack; his one and only desire is to play to the lowest common denominator. This is the secret of his success: He aspires to mediocrity. With Runaway Bride he has scored another bull's-eye.

Love American style, in leis and loud shirts
Ron Batzdorff
Love American style, in leis and loud shirts

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