I am not presenting this history lesson for Mr. Orta as I believe he is mentally and morally incompetent and cannot be converted by the truth. I am writing this for the Cuban Americans who have suffered greatly as a result of Castro's regime and are hungry for answers. I can understand why they may be tempted to believe Mr. Orta's lies in order to make some sense of their world.

But I would ask people who might believe Mr. Orta's ludicrous philosophies to exercise some common sense. For instance if Zionists really are using communism to attempt to control the world, why have so many Russian Jews been persecuted under communist rule? Why would Zionists continue to support communism if its central tenet is atheism, which is diametrically opposed to Judaism? Also why is Israel a democratic nation with a free-market economy and not a communist state?

Granted, many of the original supporters of communism 100 years ago were Jewish, but it is obvious that today Judaism and communism don't mix. It is also clear that, without common sense and a knowledge of history, this phrase (sometimes attributed to Hitler) is true: "If you tell a lie often enough, and with conviction, people will believe it is the truth."

Don't believe the malicious and dangerous lies of Mr. Orta and his group. Alianza Nacional's hatred will ultimately lead to its undoing.

Jeff Scott
Miami Beach

White Boy and Proud of It
I vehemently disagree with Andres Orta's views on Jews and think it's high time the "Jewish conspiracy to rule the world" myth is put out of its misery. I am in complete agreement, however, with his statements about the unfortunate rise in Cuba's black population and the lack of Spanish pride among the nation's dwindling white population. I wish Mr. Orta's organization would make race its number-one concern, because that's something that needs to be said.

As a white Cuban-American male in my twenties, I'm sick and tired of stupid people confusing race with culture, and using the word Hispanic the same way they might use African American or Asian, as a term that basically indicates people of a common ancestral origin. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I feel no desire to embrace Afro-Cuban, Indian, or mestizo culture as my own, nor do I have any desire to consider such people my brothers. And I know damn well I'm not the only person who feels this way. There is no difference racially between a white Cuban American (or Argentinian, Brazilian, Uruguayan, et al.) and a white Irish American (or German, Swedish, et al.). Cultural differences might exist, but so what? There are big cultural differences between Italian Americans and Appalachian whites, but it doesn't mean they belong to separate races.

Mr. Orta must remember that you can't have racial segregation without racial awareness. And if most white Cubans are brainwashed into standing behind laughable slogans such as "Viva la raza" or "Brown Power," or looking up to Negros and half-breeds like Jon Secada or "El Duque" Hernandez as heroes, then we as a people are doomed.

Jose Antonio Ledesma

Fascist and Proud of It
On June 24 New Times published my explanatory letter among three others that offended me. I am going to briefly answer my three attackers and then express what I think of New Times and its ill-intentioned headlines.

To Mr. Armando Levi, a Jew and, according to his letter, a friend of degenerate homosexuals, I must tell him that I know the history of the Semitic people perfectly well, which is why I have never presented myself as an anti-Semite but as an anti-Zionist.

To Mr. Joe Graubart, also a Jew and bearer of a sick and poisonous hatred of the Cuban exile, I will say that when Cuba is free from the criminal tyranny of communism that has oppressed her for 40 years (a tyranny imposed on the people of Cuba by the international Zionist mafia), I will return to my homeland to work for her reconstruction and for the creation of a nationalist independent and sovereign state over the solid pillars of the Spanish-Christian heritage that formed our nationality.

To Mr. Bruno E. Santos, I have to say that before 1959, when the population of our island was mostly white, Cuba was a rich, prosperous, and envied nation. After the bloody triumph of the communist revolution, with its collective totalitarianism and its premeditated Africanization program, Cuba sunk into misery and backwardness. That is how the Cuban people lost their ethnic and cultural identity.

If being a nationalist and an enemy of the satanic New World Order means being labeled "fascist," then I happily accept the epithet. It does not worry me in the least that I am attacked by racist blacks and Jews and communists and homosexuals. They are carrying out their duty, which consists of attacking everything that is Christian, decent, and patriotic. As for New Times, no impartiality can be expected of a liberal leftist newspaper that publishes obscene pornographic advertisements that attack the moral and family values of American society.

Andres Orta Candal
Alianza Nacional

Owing to a reporting error in Kathy Glasgow's "The Secret Life of J.M. Denis" (July 1), the manager of Libreri Mapou was misidentified. Her name is Bernadette Bastien. New Times regrets the error.

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