Edward G. Guedes
Miami Beach

What's a Criminal Lawyer? Redundant
After reading Tristram Korten's article "2 Live Screwed" (June 3), I found it ironic (maybe strange is a better word) that the man many parents have such disdain for, Luther Campbell, has more integrity and decency than those in the legal profession, a profession many of the same parents point to as an admirable career choice for their children. Perhaps those parents should rethink whom they hold up as examples of "proper" behavior.

Lynda Joy
North Bay Village

Bring on da Noise
Our world started with a big bang and it's been loud ever since. I grew up in the Everglades and have been blending in with my ecosystem all my life. I consider myself a naturalist, not an ecologist, and I believe people and animals can get along in any ecosystem, something I prove on a daily basis. Which brings me to Jacob Bernstein's article "Shhhhh: Nature in Progress" (May 13).

A pristine soundscape is not the answer to Biscayne National Park's problems. If it is, how is park superintendent Richard Frost going to stop the lightning? If I'm not mistaken, lightning makes one of the loudest noises known to man, and Florida is the lightning-strike capital of North America. Yet still the animals live. NASA shoots rockets over its neighboring ecosystem, yet the animals around NASA are just fine. Noise is a part of our growing world. Animals get used to it.

I have fished in Biscayne Bay all my life and if I want a natural experience I know I can find it. We naturalists can't help it if the park managers are too lazy to go looking for a quiet place on the bay.

I ask no one to look at things just my way. I tell everyone to ask as many questions as possible and check with the locals in the area before making a decision on ecosystems. I have always trusted New Times to tell the truth and be fair to everyone. We locals hope you won't let us down.

One more thing before I go. Why is the common man, who must work, always the last to know about meetings like the national park soundscape hearings? And why are these meetings almost always during working hours? We don't need to waste our tax dollars on any more crap!

Glenn W. Wilsey, Sr.

Geographical Weirdness
I am writing in response to the "News of the Weird," which I love. There was an error in the May 13 issue in the paragraph titled "Undignified Deaths." The capital of Romania is Bucharest and the capital of Hungary is Budapest. They may be neighboring nations but they are most definitely not the same place.

Always a pleasure to help the geographically challenged.
Kevin Kelly
Miami Beach

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