Alianza Nacional: Lost, Loony, and Illiterate
It is with dismay, disgust, and horror that I read Alex Salinas's article on Andres Orta ("A Mind in Exile") in your June 10 issue. Poor bastard! Orta is waaaaay off course here. Obviously he is not very well informed on many issues. His diatribe and misinformation are sheer pap.

For beginners there exists a crystal clear distinction between Semitic and Zionist. The term Semitic was first coined eons ago by a German anthropologist to describe several ethnic groupings belonging to the Caucasian descendants of Shem, son of Noah. This family includes the Arabs, Phoenicians, Amharic, Ethiopian, Akkadian, Babylonians and Aramaic (the language Jesus spoke), AND Hebrews -- NOT Jews. Modern Jews are descendants of the Khazars, a nation that flourished in the seventh, eighth, and ninth centuries A.D in what today is southern Russia. You don't believe me? Read professor H. Graetz's voluminous History of the Jews.

I seriously doubt Andres Orta has the mental capacity to grasp the very concept!

Among some of the least amusing nonsense he utters is his denunciation of Alex Penelas as a peon of Zionist power (who, obviously, would turn Miami into another Sodom and Gomorrah!?!???)

A monster is a monster regardless of ethnic background. Consider Saddam Hussein and Slobodan Milosevic. Does the fact that Karl Marx came from a family that gave the world six rabbis make capitalism any more inviting? Me thinks not. Clinton a Jew? Al Gore a Jew? Right. I suppose Anita Bryant is a lesbian, too, and a peon of the Trilateral Commission!

For all the venom he spews, I'm risking a bet that Mr. Orta is blissfully ignorant of the results of the outcome of the 1947 United Nations vote on the partition of Palestine -- which might just explain the perpetual tirade against Cuba and Cubans by "the powers that be." On that fateful November 29, Cuba became one of just two Christian nations that vehemently opposed the establishment of a Zionist entity in the Holy Land.

I suggest, lastly, to Senor Orta that he read George W. Robnett's Conquest Through Immigration, William W. Baker's Theft of a Nation, Sami Hadawi's Bitter Harvest, or Richard Horowitz's It Takes One to Know One. (Here's an anti-Zionist Jew!!!) THEN he can remove his foot from his mouth!!!

Armando Levi

Don't Trust Andres with an Eva Braun Look-Alike!
I really found Alex Salinas's article very interesting, provocative, and even amusing. Here are some observations and comments:

Salinas terms Orta "a short, thin, and neatly groomed man...." He certainly appears to be very similar to another short, thin, and neatly groomed man who also wasn't very fond of the Jews. Mustache anyone?

I'd like to thank Mr. Orta for helping me get in touch with my communist side. I am a Jewish American and this side was deeply repressed. Now I plan on wearing a Karl Marx costume this Halloween.

Orta is quoted as saying, "The communists have erased all the signs of our identity: our ethnicity, family values, our culture. Our Spanish heritage is gone." Is he really living in Miami? Then he says, "the Jewish mafia ... has absolute control of the money and press." I'm a bit confused here. Is he referring to the pandering to the Cuban community by the Herald? I've lived in Miami since 1957 and, as I've stated, I am Jewish. I've always wanted a free Cuba. I only hope that when the island opens up, Orta finds no reasons (or excuses) to stay here. I'd like to see Miami once again liberated.

Joe Graubart
PS The title of the article, "A Mind in Exile," ironically seems pretty accurate.

A Segregationist Strikes Back
My name is Andres Orta and in your June 10 issue you published the interview I agreed to do with your reporter Alex Salinas. The text more or less corresponds to my declarations, but what has nothing to do with my words, is the insidious title of the article.

At no time did I say that " ... the enemies of the Cuban people are the Jews and the blacks...." I said the great enemy of Cuban liberty is international Zionism, which used its communist tool to sink my homeland in tyranny, terror, slavery, and misery. Never did I refer to the Jewish people as my enemy. My enemy is the Zionist mafia that wants to dominate all countries of this planet.

I also do not consider the black people to be enemies of Cuba, but I do believe Cuba (which in 1959 was a white nation) has lost its identity, having been submitted by communist tyranny to an Africanization program. That is why Alianza Nacional wants segregation for the future free Cuba; we want to regain the moral, family, and spiritual values of our European-Christian heritage so each race will be able to progress separately with equal opportunities for all.

One more thing: The symbol of Alianza Nacional's flag is not a swastika. It is the cross of Christ's militia, which was a medal awarded from Medieval times until Pope Pius XII's death. The church gave this medal to those people who distinguished themselves for their services to Christianity.

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