Madonna v. Madonna

Never mind the aging pop star, the problem now is an unsettled catering bill

Garcia, not surprisingly, relays a different story. He denies making a threat and says he offered to pay Pinter a reasonable settlement. He alleges the conflict was escalated by Pinter. "Why send a cop over if I was trying to compromise with him?" Garcia asks. "I offered him $300 to let him be happy and let it go. When I saw him the next day, I was upset because ... he sends a cop on me."

That's not all. After "the assault" Pinter filed a police report describing the incident and visited the State Attorney's Office to explore the possibility of initiating a criminal complaint. Finally he filed a civil suit in April seeking damages to cover the original catering bill, lost work time, and legal costs. Trial is scheduled for July 12.

"I don't give a damn," Garcia says of the impending legal showdown. "We'll win and then we'll countersue him for our lawyer's fees and the work we'll miss. This whole thing is stupidity. All I did was tell him to fry some food. We'll work it out."

While the legal dispute continues, the disharmony of one Madonna suing another has been muffled. The strip club recently opted for a name change, a decision that had nothing to do with Pinter (or even his little friend). The Madonna moniker has been removed from the marquee and recent radio commercials advertised the location as The Boulevard Club, featuring "women of color." The new name hasn't gone over too well, and another new name is planned: Black Gold.

Is Pinter prepared to again rename his restaurant? "I could," he says. "I could change anytime I want, to Bimini Grill or whatever. But it costs too much to make the change. This is a mom-and-pop store. The only thing I want is to be paid for the food."

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