Wynwood's White Elephant

Miami's foreign-trade zone is a giant, peach-and-mauve testament to the city's incompetence

Rios gives no sense the warehouse project is teetering on the brink of failure. Like a proud father, he rattles off the site's amenities: security features such as an infrared detector around the fence, a location minutes from the Port of Miami-Dade, and air-conditioned offices. Ever the optimist, Rios swears that prosperity will follow the elusive first tenant's signature. "No one has ever questioned the viability of the project, just who should control it," Rios says. "The people who have really suffered are from the community."

While WCEDC and the city continue to bicker, Williams has an idea for the structure. "They can turn it into a disco roller rink or something," the neighbor says.


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