I suspect that if the Colonial minutemen were around today, they would be sporting NRA bumper stickers. The seminal event of modern liberal democracy was the American Revolution, fought, earned, and won on the battlefield by men fortunate enough to own and keep their own personal arms. Our most important freedom as Americans is the Second Amendment, for all other freedoms flow from that one.

Were it not for the Colonial militias, Ms. Ramey's children would be singing "God Save the Queen" every day before class.

If Jewish boys in pre-World War II Europe had had the gun training and compulsory gun-keeping regimen they now enjoy in Israel, the idea of a Final Solution would have been harder to realize. And the dream of a Jewish homeland that today is a reality will only be maintained by a force of arms.

We lost more than 50,000 soldiers in Vietnam. The highest casualty rate was suffered by those boys coming from the liberal Northeast states where the so-called gun culture doesn't exist and which today has the most oppressive gun-control laws. The lowest casualties came from the Southeast, where the gun culture thrives and the right to own arms is protected.

During the Vietnam War I was an army drill instructor for a time. I watched as nice Jewish boys from New York City held a gun for the first time in their lives. I saw them struggle awkwardly to come to grips with and master a mechanical tool they would need to depend on to survive mortal combat. Contrast that vision with the Israeli army recruit who, by the time he reaches military basic training, has already had several years of weapons training in Israeli public schools.

As an eighth-grader at Miami Country Day School, my schoolmates and I completed an NRA gun-familiarization and shooting program. I will always be thankful to the NRA for their educational efforts. It helped make my military experience survivable.

In the same New Times issue as Ted B. Kissell's article about Ms. Ramey, I was surprised to see an ad for concealed-weapon-licensing instruction on page 27, featuring one of those very nasty Glock pistols. I'd like Mr. Kissell to copy me on his memo to the editor demanding that such offensive advertising be banned from the pages of New Times.

Likewise, on page 59, movie critic Bill Gallo waxes effusive over The Matrix, proudly proclaiming that it "... kicks serious ass." This is a violent movie with gratuitous mayhem where the star walks around wearing a long dark trench coat, à la the Columbine assailants in Littleton, spewing indiscriminate gunfire with an assault weapon. Isn't this pure hypocrisy on the part of New Times?

That issue of May 20 also features two pages of homosexual romance ads, knowing full well that most young homosexual men practice unsafe sex. Sixty percent of robbers shot by homeowners during home invasions survive their wounds. Can the same be said for unsafe homosexual sex?

Don't forget, Ted, you may think of us NRA'ers as being simply knuckle-draggers. But even knuckle-draggers are consumers. We can chose to patronize, not patronize, or even boycott New Times advertisers.

Thanks for making my day. You'll have to pardon me while I finish cutting a new check to the NRA's Institute for Legislative Affairs. You see, I developed an inspiring practice of cutting a check to my favorite right-of-center political organization every time I read upsetting liberal hogwash. You guys are going to make me broke but happy. Please keep up the liberal bleating on your pages. And please tell Ms. Ramey that I'll be happy to place "This House Is Gun Free" signs on her home.

Tony Molina

She Actually Prefers Her Toddler Thighs Marinated and Grilled
Regarding Jen Karetnick's review of Bishop's ("Prayer Ribs," April 29) and her description of a rib dish being "tender as a newborn's skin": Was that broiled, braised, or carpaccio style with oil and capers? I know she disses us vegetarians, but this is over the top.

Tence Wolfe
Coral Gables

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