Rob Boyte
Miami Beach

Lincoln Road: Outta Control
Great article by Jim Mullin regarding Lincoln Road ("Clues for the Clueless," May 20). I think the whole issue of the Road is totally out of control on both sides, as evidenced by the recent Pow Wow event for travel agents. I was very dismayed that a city could have such a cavalier attitude toward its taxpaying citizens by closing a public venue for a private event.

Beach residents must take a more active role in government. We all need to get involved and find some sort of balance when it comes to further development on Miami Beach.

John Gray
Miami Beach

Lincoln Road: No Room for Satire
Geez. Jim Mullin was surprised when people didn't get his satire? I peed my pants when I read "Lincoln Road Miracle" (April 29) and figured there'd be many, many readers who either didn't get it or who would spend the next hour scratching their pointy heads trying to figure out the meaning of it all.

I guess Mullin and the rest of the New Times crew need to stick to good old-fashioned reporting the facts. Leave the satire to what transpires at city hall and other outposts of hilarity.

Bill Adams

Best Description of Miami
On behalf of Marcia Zerivitz, executive director, and the board of directors of the Sanford L. Ziff Jewish Museum of Florida, I would like to thank you for the honor of being selected the Best Museum in Miami ("Best of Miami," May 13).

Not only did you honor us, but New Times's description was one of the best we've ever seen, capturing the essence of our institution. Thank you and please know we are very proud to have received this recognition.

Myra Gross

Best Abuse of Defenseless Animals
I can't believe you guys! A dog-racing track is the Best Cheap Thrill in Miami? Well, your cheap thrill comes at a high price to those exploited greyhounds. What could possibly be so enjoyable about watching some tormented, muzzled, worked-to-the-bone dogs racing after an electric bunny?

Do you realize that in naming Flagler Greyhound Track, New Times is promoting cruelty to animals? That many retired greyhounds end up in a pit somewhere in the Midwest with their throats slit? That the lucky ones are taken in by adoption agencies in the hope of turning them into loving pets, but because of all their past abuse this does not always work out?

Poor choice, folks. Very poor choice.
Rebecca Kennedy
Amesbury, Massachusetts

Best Phone Call
Thanks! Switchboard of Miami is South Florida's Best Charity. As a volunteer for more than twelve years, I am still amazed to see how much of a barometer the agency really is. By the time issues are identified by local authorities or the press, volunteers on the lines are already aware of the problems the community would have to face in the near future.

Working the lines is the most rewarding thing I have ever done, and walking out of the offices, I can't help but feel grateful for everything in my life: the good and the not-so-good. Thanks so much for your designation.

It is not the first time New Times has recognized us. A few years ago you published a cover story that encouraged me to go back and dedicate more time to Switchboard ("Reach Out and Help Someone," August 25, 1994). That article also enabled the agency to recruit a large number of volunteers for its training, which at times is difficult.

Esther Castiglia
Coral Gables

Best Gunplay
In "Best of Miami" you picked Don Z Cash Pawnbroker as Best Pawnshop, and erroneously stated that it did not sell guns. I agree that Don Z is a class operation as far as pawnshops go, but at least until about a month ago, when I was last in the store, there was a glass case prominently displaying guns for sale right behind the counter.

If by some chance you print this, please do not use my name as I still do business with Don Z.

Name Withheld by Request
Coral Gables

Editor's Note: We need to make one other "Best of Miami" correction. Somehow we managed to clone Norman Van Aken's restaurant and place the twin a few blocks from the original. In fact there is only one Norman's, located where it has always been located: 21 Almeria Avenue in Coral Gables.

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