It can be relaxing on Lincoln Road this way, too. Maybe the city leaders of Miami Beach could consider this in the future with respect to the trees on Lincoln Road, because if we hired artists to make trees, it would put them to work and lower the tax base and we could attract stores like Circuit City, where you can buy the video surveillance cameras at prices that are coming down, down, down, and improve the safety of shoppers.

And this might also work for the Everglades, where if you had plastic leaves you wouldn't need all that water and we could have Gap stores out there, too. More people like lawyers and lobbyists could get hired to make these ideas work, and that would be good for the economy because these people have been very unfairly knocked and they contribute to the economy.

Anyhow that's just a recommendation! Maybe Mr. Mullin could use this as a topic for an editorial in the future. Keep up the good work! And remember, everything trickles into the Gap!

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