A Civic Curve Ball

Marlins owner John Henry has a vision: A new stadium built on Miami's best-known archaeological site

"And once the stadium is built, we could have all sorts of promotional days using the otters. Floppy Otter Day, Otter Beanie Baby Day, and stuff like that. During the seventh-inning stretch, we could release a den of greased otters and then let Muscle Boy and a bunch of other kids run around the field trying to poach them. We'd have to make sure all of the kids had the right vaccinations in advance, of course. But that's really just a detail to be worked out. When the Yankees come to town, we could even fly down that kid who got bit by the otter and have her throw out the first pitch. She'll probably be done with her shots by then.

"Promotionwise, there's only so much you can do with a fish," the source concludes. "Once you start thinking otters, the possibilities are endless.

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