Antonio de Velasco

The Little Guy Shall Prevail
Once again New Times gets an A for relevancy. I am referring to Ted B. Kissell's "Full Metal Racket" (March 4). I predict that Miami attorney John C. Mattes will win his case against the federal government and collect his full fee [for securing long-overdue compensation for Vietnamese commandos who worked for U.S. forces during the war in Vietnam]. The Constitution restricts the federal government's intrusion into private contracts, and case law is satiated with the concept of protecting David from Goliath. With good reason: America is what it is because of the little guy.

Although Mattes's contract was with the Vietnamese commandos and not with the government, that contract is incidental to the government not having kept its promise. In short the government cannot screw people out of their money because it does not like their views. If this case were not so conspicuous, the government may have had a chance. But because it is, and because there is really no national security interest at stake (except maybe to save face), Mattes can start breaking out the champagne.

Manny Losada

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