Drew Rosenhaus: Your Unbiased Expert

How Channel 7 provides Miami's most notorious sports agent a forum to plug his clients

Upon Further Review: Three days later the Dolphins signed Owens to a two-year contract.

Penalty: False start, five yards.

Final Score: Without any disclosure Rosenhaus touted two clients, courted a potential third client, and dissed one nonclient. "We don't believe it is a conflict of interest," says WSVN spokesman Charlie Folds. Neither does Rosenhaus. "It's a great forum for me to continue to have a high profile," he says unapologetically. "In my business a lot of the athletes watch that show, whether they are in high school, whether they are in college, or whether they are in the NFL. It's a terrific opportunity for me. My family enjoys watching me. Clients enjoy watching me."


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