Night & Day

March 11 - 17, 1999

march 17
The Eighties. Ugggh! What were they good for other than cold, mechanical music, huge hairdos that made heads resemble ferris wheels, and shiny, trashy, flashy clothes? Every guy wanted to be Don Johnson and every gal Madonna. Now it's the Nineties, and fortunately little of that has endured. But a few of the bright spots made it through. Back in 1985 when Lincoln Road was pleasantly bohemian and blighted, a group of artists set up studios in a few buildings that went by the collective name "South Florida Art Center." Fourteen years later many of them have come and gone, but the institution they built lives on, albeit under a different moniker, ArtCenter/South Florida (924 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach). Tonight at 7:00 put on your pastel jacket and skinny tie and help celebrate ArtCenter/South Florida's Fourteenth Birthday with a big Eighties-theme bash. DJs Shannon and Jody McDonald will spin you right round, baby, right round. Chow, Joe Allen, Paninoteca, Balans, and other eateries will furnish the eats. And celebrities from the time (Simon LeBon, anyone?) will attend in the form of life-size works of art by Lazaro Amaral, Attila, and Aaron Powell. Admission is $14 for members, $50 for single non-members, and $85 per non-member couple, which includes a one-year membership. Call 305-674-8278.

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