Night & Day

February 18 - 24, 1999

february 23
Perennial blowhard, failed New York mayoral candidate, and James Brown hairdo copycat Rev. Al Sharpton is as feisty as ever. He does, however, seem to have gotten one thing under control: his bouffantish coiffure. Sharpton will be in Miami today waging his latest battle against big-name advertisers who discriminate against minority-owned broadcasters. Strap yourself to your seat and prepare for rhetorical blastoff. Sharpton speaks at 7:00 p.m. at the New Birth Baptist Church, 13230 NW Seventh Ave., North Miami. Admission is free. Call 305-685-3700.

Klezmer music is hot -- so hot that classical musicians are hopping on the bandwagon. The biggest trendoid, violinist Itzhak Perlman, brings his In the Fiddler's House tour to the Jackie Gleason Theater of the Performing Arts (1700 Washington Ave., Miami Beach) tonight at 8:00. He'll be joined by major figures in the revival of Eastern Europe's Jewish music: the Klezmer Conservatory Band, the Klezmatics, Brave Old World, and the Andy Statman Orchestra. Tickets range from $40 to $100. Call 305-532-3491.

february 24
Check out the connection between art and the natural elements at the Miami Museum of Science and Space Transit Planetarium's (3280 S. Miami Ave.) exhibition Turbulent Landscapes: The Natural Forces that Shaped Our World. What you'll see: works in which artists use natural elements (water, wind, salt, seeds) and the forces of nature (whirlpools, air currents) as their media to explore whether there is an underlying order in nature. The exhibition runs through May 2. Admission is nine dollars. Call 305-854-4247.

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