But as a set piece of zonked out, self-conscious, groovy genre-hopping tunes 100% Colombian is consistent. The slinky beats, chilled horns, and smooth jazz bass of "Sugar" provide an impetus for headbobbing, with singer/guitarist Huey (no last name for anybody in the band) adding wafts of wah-wah guitar with late-night rapping for the verse and tranquil crooning for the chorus. In contrast "Southside" is like a double shot of tequila. With Steve's stout bass line bobbing and weaving under Huey's distorted six-string and Fast's heavy drumming, the cut is harder and faster, but no less grooving.

Crunchy or smooth, the strength of the band is that they play together. "Love Unlimited," a tribute to the aphrodisiac powers of Barry White, sounds almost as funky as something from the soul singer's early Seventies work, with the trio shuffling along as one soulful sex machine.

Unfortunately when the band strays too far from the groove they are less successful. "Korean Bodega" relies on a Bo Diddley beat, country slide guitars, and lyrics about the owner of their favorite corner store and winds up sounding a lot like "Are You Jimmy Ray?" by Jimmy Ray himself. The thrash guitars and the two-four country beat of "10th Street," a tribute to a place where drugs can be scored in New York City, are an odd mish-mash that fall flat. And the classic rock coda, "Big Night Out," shows that the trio hasn't totally abandoned its juvenile sense of humor. Still, with three clunkers out of thirteen, 100% Colombian is 77 percent great.

--David Simutis

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