So wouldn't it be simpler just to have an ordinance that would outlaw discrimination against all members of the human race?

Something should also be said for freedom of association. When people are forced to coexist, as they were in the former Yugoslavia or Soviet Union, all hell breaks loose after those forces disappear. Rather than have all these ordinances (English only, gay rights, et cetera) that aggravate the existing anger and divisiveness in our community, why not allow people to associate with whomever they please? Those xenophobes who choose to discriminate will miss out on more than they can ever imagine, both spiritually and economically.

Emiliano Antunez

This Dennis Is No Menace
Congratulations to Commissioner Moss for having the strength to vote yes on the human rights ordinance. After so much effort by so many people on both sides of this issue, it all came down to this: one man doing what he believed was right. If only all Miami was so committed to justice, this would be a much better place to live.

Coleman Bell
South Miami

M.D.P.D. Blue Speaks Out
I was very impressed by John Lantigua's article "Rich Thug, Poor Thug" (December 10), which covered the reduction in gang activity and the dropping crime rate at Braddock Senior High School. However, I do object to giving full credit to the Miami-Dade Police Department and the school's administration. I am sure Miami-Dade police are active in the neighborhoods surrounding the school, but the decrease in criminal incidents, as reported in the article, is for crimes occurring within the school. The Miami-Dade Public Schools Police Department is responsible for the prevention and investigation of crimes within the school system. Sgt. Dermot Horgan, Det. William Tagle, and Ofcrs. Mario Victores and John Messenger of the school police were assigned to Braddock between 1994 and 1998. They deserve recognition for their work. The photographs of the gang members in the New Times article are all used by Detective Tagle in his slide presentation on gang activity. If New Times wants to know what type of criminal activity is occurring at an educational site, try talking to the officer working at the school, not a county detective who is more than willing to take credit for someone else's hard work.

David Quigley, Sergeant
Miami-Dade Public Schools Police

Let the Artist Get Rich
I just read Ben Greenman's article on "1999" and the Artist ("Tonight We're Gonna Market Like It's 1999," December 10). Good write-up! But does New Times think it's time that record companies should give back the masters once song creators have left their record labels? After all, it's the creator who writes the song. Let's hope one day the Artist and other musicians gain the right to own their master recordings.

Jason Atkin
Kidderminster, England

You and Ben Know, but How About Our Other Readers?
I am writing in response to "Tonight We're Gonna Market Like It's 1999" (December 10). How well we know it all!

Chris Van Gerwen
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Take That, Benjy Boy
Mr. Greenman obviously knows nothing about the artist, his music, or what it means to be a creative human being.

Joseph Fior
San Francisco

Good Article, Bad Listings
I am the box office manager for the New World Symphony. In case no one else says so, thanks! I really liked Kirk Nielsen's article on the symphony, "Rebuilding Beethoven" (November 26). We appreciate your support! I only wish that our concert listings were better!

Michael Granados
Miami Beach

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