Night & Day

December 24 - 30, 1998

december 29
People thrown into ordinary situations, doing prosaic things. That appears to be what the sculptures in George Segal's work represent, at least on the surface. The artist, who began his career as a painter in the late Fifties and then gravitated toward sculpting with chicken wire, plaster, and medical bandages, creates pristine white realistic plaster casts of humans that eerily resemble people wrapped up like mummies. At the Miami Art Museum (101 W. Flagler St.), the exhibition George Segal, a Retrospective: Sculptures, Paintings, Drawings presents more than 50 of the artist's works covering his four-decade career. Admission is five dollars. The show runs through March 7, 1999. Call 305-375-3000.

december 30
Fifty years ago the Junior Orange Bowl Parade wended its way down Miracle Mile in downtown Coral Gables for the first time. Fast approaching geezerhood, the event has evolved from more than just a parade into the approximately two-month-long Junior Orange Bowl Festival, a series of eighteen competitive and cultural events drawing more than 30,000 kids, age eighteen and younger, from all over the world to participate. This evening at 7:00 the parade, featuring marching bands, floats, inflatable balloons, and a team of Clydesdale horses, messes up the City Beautiful for a couple of hours. The theme is a Fifties-inspired "Happy Days, Happy Kids." Admission is free along the Miracle Mile parade route, but ten dollars for grandstand seating and a 6:30 p.m. preparade show on Biltmore Way. Call 305-662-1210.

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