Not Exactly Straight Punk

The Queers' antisocial stance assures that it's not just jocks that avoid the band. With song titles such as "I Hate Everything," "This Place Sucks," "She's a Cretin," "Burger King Queen," "Too Many Twinkies," "I Only Drink Bud," and "I Can't Stop Farting," all set to punkish three-chord song structures that range from cheerfully poppy to downright fierce, there's only a narrow section of the punk-rock rabble that truly approves of the band's work. King says his unusual songs are all built from their titles. "We'll be sitting around and someone will say something and then a lot of times we'll say, 'Song title.' Or I'll write down something that appeals to me, or they just come from thinking about goofy shit and writing it down.

"It's not like we sit down and say 'Let's write a song about saving the whales or the rain forest,'" King says sarcastically. "Even though I agree with a lot of these issues, I'm not going to sing about them because it's boring. And besides that, all these bands that sing about all this anti-government bullshit couldn't run a paper route. The way it's sung is just so sophomoric. There's not going to be another Bob Dylan. Besides, for me punk rock is going and forgetting the bullshit in the world and enjoying yourself for two or three hours, and not having some idiot that looks stupider than you up there telling you who to vote for and which hand to wipe your ass with."

In the near future, Queers enthusiasts will have even more opportunities to hear the goofiness that is King's art. In January, in order to fulfill his old contract, Lookout will release a compilation of the Queers' demos and outtakes from the early Nineties titled Later Days and Better Lays. King wants to continue in his current occupation for at least a few more years, so he'll release one more record on Hopeless as well. And why not? He says the band is having fun and wants to continue: "When the show's going good, it's the best job in the world. I'm happy at the level we're at. I never thought we'd get this big."

The Queers perform with opening acts the Gotohells and Buck, Tuesday, December 1, at Salvation, 1771 West Avenue, Miami Beach. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $8. Call 305-673-6508 for more information.

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