Night and Day

NOV. 26-DEC.2

tuesday 1
Erstwhile Miamian, Artforum publisher, museum curator, and now New York gallery owner Charles Cowles began collecting photographs more than 30 years ago. See 182 significant pieces from his vast assemblage of works in Focus on Photography: Dream Collection ... Part Four, another installment in a series of exhibitions at the Miami Art Museum (101 W. Flagler St.) that displays its wish list for a permanent collection. The pictures, covering the period from 1901 to 1998, offer a look at various photographic movements from pictorialism to postmodernism and include works by greats Eugene Atget, Man Ray, Margaret Bourke-White, Edward Steichen, Cindy Sherman, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and more. The show runs through May 2, 1999. Admission is five dollars. Call 305-375-3000.

wednesday 2
Call Woody Graber the hardest-working man in local music. The veteran promoter and PR man has booked countless acts into some of Miami's finest (former) live-music venues: the Island Club, Woody's (named for Ron Wood, not Graber), Stephen Talkhouse, Stella Blue, and more. Now he's at it again, playing emergency medical technician to Miami's withering music scene. Graber's latest attempt at resuscitation: Live Music Wednesdays, a showcase for local, regional, and national talent at the Chili Pepper in the Streets of Mayfair (3339 Virginia St., Coconut Grove). Manchild performed last week. Tonight at 9:00 Refried Confusion, a dynamic funk band from Gainesville, takes the stage. NRBQ, Fulano de Tal, and Big Sky are among the groups scheduled for future dates. The Pepper will rock on other nights as well. A special show this Sunday features reggae legends Third World. Cover charge is $3 for tonight's show and $15 on Sunday. Call 305-442-2228.


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