Are taxpayers informed that their money goes to a system with no real function? For me, this is worse than sex in the Oval Office. It's theft of American dollars, and it's politically motivated.

Bernardo Gutierrez
Miami Beach

It May Be a Corrupt Cuban Government, But It's Our Corrupt Cuban Government
Jim DeFede's story on the viability of that money pit called TV Marti, as well as Kathy Glasgow's two stories on another money pit called Radio Marti ("Miami Voice," October 22 and "Miami Voice, Part 2," November 5) failed to point out the real problem with these projects.

They were meant to aid in bringing down a corrupt Cuban government. The problem arose when someone forgot to tell the stations' managers which corrupt Cuban government. It's the one in Miami, stupid.

Clyde Cates
South Miami

Newsman Has Nose for Scandal
New Times continues to be the only publication spotlighting the scandalous situation at Radio Marti. And we taxpayers support this!

Jay Mallin, Sr.
Chevy Chase, Maryland

Editor's note: Jay Mallin served as Radio Marti's news director during the station's first six years of operation.

Free Weekly Remains Vigilant, City Sleeps Soundly
Regarding Ted B. Kissell's "Taking Flight" (November 12), jeez, did we really miss the buzzards coming back? Heads will roll!

That's what happens when reporters spend too much time on Bert Hernandez, voter fraud, misadministration at the airport, and trying to figure out how unsupervised electrical work at a county bus shelter killed a little boy (to say nothing of Hurricane Mitch).

But the city can rest easy. New Times is always there as the watchdog. Or is it bird dog?

Mark Seibel, assistant managing editor/Metro
Miami Herald

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