Perhaps someday, when and if Miami blossoms into a supportive place for music and musicians, there might be some hope. But Miami's retail outlets don't even support local music. Come to Austin and you will see retail stores with huge sections devoted to local as well as international artists. My advice: Move!

Mark Gaines
Austin, Texas

Regarding Your Collective Posterior...
I've been doing a little traveling lately and I've seen New Times weeklies in other cities. The most obvious thing Miami New Times seems to be missing is an art page, one that's a little more substantial than just a photograph and listings. I'm talking about a real art critic, weekly, not this twice-a-month garbage -- every week, yes, every week.

If the person knows what he or she is doing, there are plenty of artists, galleries, museums, performances, installations, open discussions, and general culture happening in Miami to talk and write about. I'm not just blaming you guys; I've sent this letter to the Miami Herald as well. It's just that after seeing the Dallas Observer, the L.A. New Times, and others, it makes me sick when I look at Miami New Times.

The loss of Judy Cantor as an art critic was noticed just as much as was Helen Kohen's retirement from the Herald. Get off your butts and find someone.

Brook A. Dorsch
The Dorsch Gallery

Tony Montana, Meet Tangiers Island, Maryland
While I always find "News of the Weird" to be a particularly amusing feature of New Times, I could not stop myself from laughing out loud at an item in the "Not Bloody Likely" section.

So the good citizens of Tangiers Island, Maryland, decided to take matters into their own hands with those Hollywood bigwigs, eh? Reminds me of two things: Jacksonville booting out silent-era filmmakers (who then headed to California) for the same reasons, ones of propriety, and the Miami City Commission's effort to rewrite the screenplay of Scarface in the early Eighties, forcing the producers to finish their work in Los Angeles. The commission didn't like some of the references to a Cuban criminal underground in their city, even though the story reflected the rise of the Marielitos to success in all kinds of businesses. In any case, didn't good triumph over evil in the end?

Eric Allen Moss

Raul Says Better Late Than Never
I wanted to let Nina Korman know how much I enjoyed her article on Raul Di Blasio ("Meeting Raul," April 2). I have been a very big fan of his for several years and was glad to get some background information about him. I live in Dallas and would never have seen the article if I didn't spot it on the Internet and find the link to your Website [www.miaminewtimes.com]. Thanks a lot.

Maybe someday I will have the pleasure of meeting him and hearing him play in person.

Charlotte Feather
Dallas, Texas

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