Imagine Marcia and Greg Ambling Down Ocean Drive
In response to Robert Andrew Powell's article "TV from There" (September 24): It's disappointing to see that WAMI-TV, which started with the aim of boosting South Florida TV with original shows and series, has only served to drain its talent. I can't wait to see The Brady Bunch make an appearance, or perhaps shows such as Wayne's World. At least they were good.

Robert Seplin

Live in Concert: The Sexcapades
I commiserated with the musicians featured in Adam St. James's story "Live Music: Dead on Arrival" (September 24). When I moved from Miami up to Macon, Georgia (population a lousy 150,000), local musicians told me how pathetic the environment was for local music. They said there was nowhere to play, et cetera. But by my count there are five places that regularly turn over their stages to local or regional bands. Talk about culture shock. Don't get me wrong, the scene here is pretty pathetic, especially compared to Atlanta and Athens.

I can't think of any advice except to exhort musicians not to give up. They should think about somehow making their events more special, maybe by making fans expect a sexual encounter. Sex definitely sells, especially in Miami.

Jim Murphy, entertainment writer
The Macon Telegraph
Macon, Georgia

Poor Clinton, Rich DeFede
I am disgusted with people going on and on about our president, including Jim DeFede in his article "I Am Truly Sorry" (September 24). If all the subjects of DeFede's apology did as much for our country as the president, then maybe DeFede really should be sorry for attacking them.

I don't know the people he described. I don't know what they have done for me, my family, or this country. But I do know what President Clinton has done. I think the American people know this also. President Clinton is the best president the United States has seen.

DeFede must be a rich man who just can't understand how life was before Clinton. The president's achievements allow us to forgive him for having had an affair and lying about it. I don't believe in doing the things he did, but I forgive him for lying to us about something that was none of our business. Sex is something I would not ask my best friend about, much less the president of the United States.

Seleta Wallace
Leesburg, Florida

Since When Is Knowledge a Job Requirement?
Yesterday while browsing through your September 17 edition, I was amazed by Jen Karetnick's article "To the Victor's Go the Spoils." It described my new favorite hangout: the new and improved Victor's Cafe.

I have gone to Victor's for about six years. But a couple of months ago I had one of the best dining experiences ever when my husband treated me to dinner there. We were delighted by everything, from the warm and cordial welcome by new owner Jose R. More to the wonderfully improved menu to the very professional staff. In fact the maitre d' made us feel like we were at Maxim's in Paris.

But none of that would have made a difference if the food weren't magnificent. My lamb was cooked to perfection, the caesar salad was in a class by itself, and my husband's lobster was to die for. The desserts were unique and exquisite.

All in all it was incredible! I suspect your restaurant reviewer either went to the wrong place or has a vendetta against the new owner. Moreover she doesn't know much about ordering wines. Have you thought about hiring someone who at least knows what she is talking about?

Maria-Fernanda Martinez

And Just What Do They Speak in Machu Picchu?
I've been a resident of Miami for 36 years, am well traveled, and have frequented many restaurants both here and abroad. Yet I've never read such an unjust and vile review as "To the Victor's Go the Spoils." I've visited Victor's on numerous occasions and have also hosted company functions there. I have found the service and the food superb.

Just last week I ate at Victor's with my husband and several of his friends. We found both the food and wine excellent. Nothing smelled rotten, and the atmosphere was incredibly wonderful. This is where I feel New Times needs to do a reality check.

I truly believe Jen Karetnick must have a hidden agenda. As for her Peruvian friend, maybe he speaks a Machu Picchu dialect and is unaccustomed to Spanish. I've always encountered fully bilingual personnel there. But I am sure Ms. Karetnick is not fully bilingual.

Or maybe Ms. Karetnick doesn't like real Cuban food, which Victor's serves with good taste and excellent service. Believe me, I'll think twice before picking up New Times. Too bad Ms. Karetnick does not have gourmet taste but rather an insatiable urge to print untruths.

Isabel Young

South Beach: Uncivilized
After reading John Lantigua's article "Fueling the Feud" (September 17), I must remark that it is a shame civilized people cannot attend South Beach nightclubs. It is even worse that club owners don't feel responsible for the area. I've had it.

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