Empire of the Son

With plenty of help from mama Carrie, Kendrick Meek is hoping to upset long-time State Sen. Bill Turner

Meek responds by noting the high homicide rate in Liberty City: "These children can't wait another four years."

Curry, a Turner supporter, claims to have experienced the elder Meek's meddling. Two Fridays ago he read a Miami Times editorial on the air about the Meek campaign snubbing Turner at several events. Carrie Meek called after the broadcast, Curry reports, "and said I should stick to saving souls and I should stay out of politics. Of course I got back on the air" and talked about the call.

Ron Book, a long-time political consultant and lobbyist, says both men are his friends: "I am unhappy they are running against each other. And yet it's understandable that Bill Turner is frustrated by her involvement.

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