Can Mr. Trout tell us of another place in the county where the public can get the services we provide? Andy's Entertainment Factory in Perrine and Music Magic in Hialeah are the only places we know of in Miami-Dade County that have any selection of used guitars. And Andy's is an upscale vintage shop, with most guitars priced at more than $1000.

In closing, we would like to invite Mr. Trout and anyone else to come to our shop and see our inventory of guitars and parts, repairs, customer service, and knowledge for themselves. We have spent twenty years building our reputation locally by serving the community, as well as nationally and internationally by serving on the board of advisers for the Orion Blue Book, which is distributed throughout the world to dealers in the musical instrument industry. We, as well as the many knowledgeable people in the business community whom we have asked, have never heard of Kenny Trout and will probably never hear of him again.

Ed Oleck
Michelle Oleck
Diane O'Connor
Carl Hefley
Ed's Guitars

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