Mr. DeFede considers Mr. Jones to be arrogant and egotistical. Can't someone be imperfect without being arrogant or egotistical? Can't a mistake be attributed to something other than arrogance and egotism? It is perfectly plausible that Mr. Jones's mistakes could be due to simple imperfection. "All have sinned and come short of the glory of God." The members of the Senate Armed Services Committee should be aware that they should "judge not lest they be judged."

When you consider that in the United States one is innocent until proven guilty within the criminal justice system, and that this idea is a good thing to keep in mind generally, then how could it be proper for Mr. DeFede to presume arrogance and egotism on Mr. Jones's part? Has Mr. DeFede ever made any statement that was not absolutely true -- for reasons other than arrogance or egotism? Then why cannot Mr. Jones have done so?

Finally, Mr. DeFede asks the question "What should we do with a politician like Daryl Jones?" I don't know who "we" is, but I'd venture to say that Mr. DeFede should refrain from applying a double standard and presuming guilt, and instead do with and to Daryl Jones (and everyone else) that which he would have them do unto him. Amen.

Michael Lueras

Not-Nice Nina and Her Filthy Thoughts
In her article "Ravaged by the Rave" (July 16), Nina Korman wrote about people vomiting at the Circa '98 rave, and the "plastic garbage cans that were scattered about for just such purpose." Was she on drugs?

At the Youth Fair, after Mom and Dad have fed their children elephant ears and other fried-dough products and little Johnny turns his stomach inside out, are these same plastic garbage cans used solely for that purpose? What a fool!

The music is what brings the people out to have fun. This music has no message, which must be what Ms. Korman's pea-size frontal lobe cannot handle.

People like her who see only the negatives in a story should not be allowed to spread their filthy thoughts to the rest of the nice people out there who wish to enjoy a night of something different. The choices people make at these shows are their own. The last thing anybody needs is a stuck-up person like Ms. Korman telling people what to think and do.

I used to read New Times for its forward thinking, but now that a simple-minded individual has decided to peddle a few horror stories, I think I will have to take my readership elsewhere. Goodbye.

Alfred Rieger

Open Season on Trout
We have read the letter to the editor by Kenny Trout referring to Alan Diaz's story, "A Real Fender Bender" (July 9). One can only assume this individual is a disgruntled customer who found out that the customer is not always right. He has little knowledge of guitars or how a business is run.

Mr. Trout, when referring to Ed's Guitars, said the store "is filled with more no-name brands than anything else." As of July 24, 1998, we have more than 250 Fenders and Gibsons. We also have hundreds of Guild, Rickenbacker, Music Man, Martin, Gretsch, Ovation, B.C. Rich, old American Epiphone, Vilette Citron, Hamer, Kramer, Augustino Lo Prinzi, and other distinctive brands. Also we should not fail to mention the hundreds of imports such as Yamaha, Washburn, ESP, Charvel/Jackson, Jackson, Ibanez, Ramirez, Takamine, Aria Pro II, and Epiphone. We also have sought-after collectibles like Supro, Dobro, Magnatone, Kapa, Kalamazoo, Hagstrom, Mosrite, Harmony, and others. And let's not forget the Fender, Marshall, and Kustom vintage amps, or the vintage lap steels, ukes, banjos, mandolins, and other assorted instruments. Most of the no-name brands we carry fall into the small-size category so parents have a place to get an instrument for children.

We agree with one thing Mr. Trout said. Ron Hoeben (not Hogan) is an expert repairman who learned many of his skills during the years he worked for Ed's, before opening his own business -- Not Just Guitars. His client base came from Ed's Guitars, years before Guitar Center opened and his own store went out of business. Ron worked at Guitar Center (not for Guitar Center) for a few months before selling all his guitar parts to Ed's. He now lives in North Carolina and is in the furniture business.

Mr. Trout doesn't know much about Kendall's Guitar Center, either. We have a very good relationship with them and work closely with the people there. We even send each other customers.

As for the law banning the buying of instruments off the street, there is no such law. There is a zoning law that says a business must be zoned BU-3 to buy anything used. It was created for pawnshops, consignment shops, and secondhand stores. We are none of the above.

If Mr. Trout is insinuating that we do not report all our sales and income to the government, he is out of bounds and those remarks are defamatory. How could New Times print a statement that is probably libelous and defamatory, made by someone who isn't even listed in the phone book and has no credibility?

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