Coming Soon: A Brilliantly Written, Hard-Hitting Column by the Publisher
Week by week News Times reads and looks more and more like the Miami Herald. That is not meant as a compliment.

I still have not been able to figure out what Tristram Korten's article about Donald Warshaw ("The Don," June 25) is, was, or meant to be. Was it a vote of confidence? Was it a resume? Was it a biography? I do not know. Ninety percent of the story was devoted to either criticizing or trashing Xavier Suarez, who has not been around for almost four months. Five percent was family anecdotes, and the other five percent old news.

Only one line had any significance: "Carollo says it's a strong possibility he'll appoint Warshaw permanent city manager." Let us review Mr. Warshaw's resume: high school diploma, humdrum office jobs, failed business venture, and police officer. It is obvious Mr. Warshaw is lacking in the qualifications for city manager, especially good judgment.

As Jim DeFede so clearly stated regarding Warshaw's involvement in the Operation Greenpalm investigation ("Deep Inside the Scandal," November 21, 1996): "The fact that [Chief Warshaw's] conduct has become an issue of controversy is evidence enough that he should have divorced himself entirely from the proceedings. Because he did not, his actions have raised questions about the independence of both the investigation and his own department."

Mr. Warshaw's qualifications for city manager appear to be deficient in every area, but we all know that will not be the determining factor for the mayor.

Ricardo Ferreira

My Addiction Is Mine Alone
The following is a response to a rebuttal by Karl Olsson of North Miami Beach, who wrote a letter about Paula Park's article "The Addiction Connection" (March 19). I am the "Michelle" featured in Ms. Park's story about methadone clinics.

Mr. Olsson made it seem as though I trashed Dr. Roberto Ruiz, his good name, his good deeds, and his Comprehensive Psychiatric Centers methadone clinics. Never! Mr. Olsson went as far as to suggest that I blame Dr. Ruiz for my addiction, which outraged my sensibilities.

What this man wrote was wrong. I was never "paid to misrepresent the entire methadone maintenance program," nor would I ever do such a thing. And he is wrong to say "she didn't come forward of her own volition." I did come forward of my own volition when I saw Ms. Park trying to get patients' cooperation in discussing addiction, how it begins, how it feels to withdraw, et cetera.

I was cooperative in that I answered only what she asked me, and truthfully. Also, at no time whatsoever did I infer or suggest that anyone was responsible for my addiction other than myself and myself alone.

I did not give my full name in Ms. Park's article and I will not do so here, because it is my right not to and I choose to exercise that right. But I write this in an effort to set the record straight once and for all.

Northwest Dade

Linda's Long Neck
Regarding Robert Andrew Powell's article about allegedly fraudulent absentee ballots ("X Mayor," January 29), not all document examiners are able to make judgments about documents with the accuracy or confidence of Linda Hart. In fact, it is not unusual to have document examiners proclaim that they can't offer an opinion because of the possible liability that it would entail. It's called sticking your neck out, and Linda Hart seems to do that very well.

Bernie Thomas
Baltimore, Maryland

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