I was convicted (at age twenty) of growing marijuana and received a five-year sentence. My question is this: When does my sentence end? Should I be convicted again by people like Mr. Washington? I do not deny my guilt, but today I am a very productive member of society. I have since obtained my bachelor's degree and am working at a full-time job.

Is it Mr. Washington's opinion that someone like me should still be confined to prison? That is absurd. When an individual is trying to integrate into society, hold a job, and not commit crimes of whatever nature, shouldn't we allow that person the opportunity?

Mr. Washington wrote, "I don't need to worry about what crime a Subway manager has committed in the past." Exactly! If the people are doing what they are supposed to be doing and not doing anything wrong, why worry? [Subway sandwich shop owner] Hara Frankel should be proud of herself for hiring ex-cons. I personally thank her.

David Keil

From Time's Up to Stickup
I have a question for Marshall Washington: What do you think happens when ex-cons cannot find employment after serving their time? They rob people, burglarize homes, sell drugs. I applaud employers like Hara Frankel who are willing to give people another chance to lead productive lives.

Lili Chambers
South Miami

Crazy for Crime-Free Fast Food
Is Hara Frankel crazy? Why does she hire criminals? I am now afraid to go to her Subway stores. Are the rest of her employees criminals? I can't believe that the Subway corporation supports this type of activity. I don't want my children eating in a place run by these types of people.

Juan Romero

Radio Marti Under Investigation -- Again
Regarding Kathy Glasgow's article about Radio Marti ("Radio Free Miami," June 4): As acting chairman of the President's Advisory Board for Cuba Broadcasting (PAB), I would like to clarify statements relating to investigations of Radio Marti. The Office of the Inspector General for the Department of State investigated allegations of personnel irregularities, editorial policy violations, and undue influence by Jorge Mas Canosa -- the late chairman of the PAB -- and other board members. The inspector general's final report exonerated Radio Marti and the board of all allegations. (Radio Marti was also exonerated of all the prior 27 allegations.)

In light of the numerous complaints since Mr. Herminio San Roman's arrival as director of the Office of Cuba Broadcasting, another investigation has been opened by the inspector general for the Department of State.

Christopher D. Coursen, acting chairman
President's Advisory Board for Cuba Broad-casting

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