Claudette to the Big Man: You've Got an Angel Down Here, Sir
Thanks for Robert Andrew Powell's article about our local hero Brett Perriman ("His Brilliant Career," June 11). As a former Miami Northwestern High student and a classmate of Brett, I am happy to say he is one of the several graduates from Northwestern who have made good! Yes, Brett was a prankster in school, but he also was a well-liked individual and appreciated by all.

Having followed Brett's career, I am pleased that he is continuing to give something back to the community. I know he will continue to be a major success in Miami and elsewhere. Even if he does not return to football, he will be worthwhile in this community as a mentor and a humanitarian.

It is also time for our elected officials to come out, help, and give to some of the efforts that Brett is trying to accomplish for the good of our communities. He is only one man, and it is tiring doing things by yourself. Let's wake up, Miami, and come together in support of Brett. He is a wonderful black man trying to make this community safe for his children and yours.

When it is time for the gun buy-back, take those guns, including play guns, and turn them in. When it is time for the concert to benefit the scholarship fund named for Brett's brother, let's come together in support.

God puts us on this Earth for a short time -- and sometimes for a longer time -- to do His will. Well, God, I must say that Brett has and will continue to fulfill your wishes, and he will continue to be an angel in the community.

Claudette Armbrister

Radio Matri's Investigation No. 29
As acting chairman of the President's Advisory Board for Cuba Broadcasting (PAB), I would like to clarify Kathy Glasgow's statements relating to investigations of Radio Marti ("Radio Free Miami," June 4). The Office of the Inspector General for the Department of State investigated allegations of personnel irregularities, editorial policy violations, and undue influence by Jorge Mas Canosa (the late chairman of the PAB) and other board members. The inspector general's final report exonerated Radio Marti and the board of all allegations. (Radio Marti was also exonerated in all of the prior 27 investigations.)

In light of the numerous complaints since Mr. Herminio San Roman's arrival as the director of the Office of Cuba Broadcasting, another investigation has been opened by the inspector general for the Department of State.

Christopher D. Coursen, acting chairman
President's Advisory Board for Cuba Broad-
Washington, D.C.

New Times's Policy Directive No. 4: Bash Cubans Whenever Possible
With publication of Kathy Glasgow's "Radio Free Miami," it seems the New Times anti-Cuban campaign is reaching a crescendo. It seems to me this bashing is the editorial policy and direction of New Times; sometimes the paper uses one writer, sometimes another, but the target is always the same.

You should try mentioning the concentration camps, the political prisons, the downing of the two civilian planes, the sinking of the tugboat 13 de Marzo that resulted in the murder of women and children.

A publication like New Times, always fighting for the rights of a minority group and condemning violations of civil rights, should be very sensitive to the rights and cruel reality of another group: the Cuban people, oppressed, enslaved, and, when deemed necessary, massacred, murdered, or starved to death by the tyranny that has been ruling the island with an iron fist for decades.

Ms. Glasgow's article was full of inaccuracies. To mention two: Free quality education was what we had before, with no political strings attached. As for free medical care, well, we had that before too. Today it is free if you can get the sheets, blankets, bandages, and anesthesia for the hospital and if you have the dollars to buy the drugs and everything else required. The doctor's consultation and advice is free. The rest requires dollars.

Dr. Roberto A. Galloso

My Dinner with DeFede: His Buttering Up Rundle, Her Threat to Ham Sandwiches Everywhere

I'll say it again: Jim DeFede is the best reporter in Miami. (And he's a scintillating dining companion.) But his recent unabashed puff piece on the State Attorney's Office ("Rundle Arrives," June 4) gives rise to some questions, such as: Was it written as payback (or down payment) for regularly receiving transcripts of confidential witness statements (in some cases giving rise to potential charges of obstruction of justice)? Or for unfettered and illegal access to inside state attorney gossip, leaks, rumors, and innuendo? Is the relationship too cozy? Has "Lord" Jim been compromised. Say it ain't so!

In any event, as State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle's election draws near, I hope Mr. DeFede again distinguishes himself by not allowing the prejudice and campaign advertising value of Rundle's self-serving leaks and her reinvention of purpose and style to outweigh the probity of evidence against targets of her re-elective ambitions (a.k.a. political "defendants").

Watch out for all the creative flying indictments this campaign year. Attention all ham sandwiches and viable Republicans: You may be in danger! Fortunately DeFede's latest re-evaluation of the Bert Hernandez tapes is great editorial reporting ("Tales from the Script," June 11). Once again the leaks didn't live up to the reality of the case.

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