Pop Quiz

What did your kids learn in school today? To drink Coke.

The difference between a logo on the school building and a freestanding sign is debatable. Yet school administrators seem willing to split that hair. Last month the district told Dawson to remove the Coke insignia. The Killian principal had also considered putting up a BellSouth logo should that telecommunications company place a planned cellular phone antenna at the school. (The school board has yet to vote on the tower.)

The Coca-Cola logo is gone for good from Killian. Such things will no longer be allowed in the district, Fraind says: "We just felt that this may be too obtrusive. We informed the principals about three weeks ago to remove any advertising logos affixed to the structures of the school."

Principal Dawson says he discussed the decision to remove the sign with Florida Coca-Cola, and they've been understanding. The furniture stays.

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