Manny Losada

Yeah, but Do They Have Ropa Vieja There?
Jen Karetnick's review of La Dorada restaurant caused me to lose my appetite ("Broken English," May 7). Does Jen realize that there are a lot of Spanish-speaking people in Dade County? Does that really have anything to do with the review of this restaurant? I have a suggestion for Jen: Move to Iowa. Ellos no hablan espanol.

Ira Silver

If Not Spanish, Maybe Creole
Joan Didion once observed that one of the differences between Miami and Los Angeles is that in L.A. most of a restaurant's serving staff are Spanish-speakers, in contrast to the English-speaking customers; in Miami the majority of patrons speak Spanish. Face it Jen, Miami eateries don't need an English-speaking client base to be successful; there are more than enough Spanish-speaking customers here. I recommend that she learn Spanish. Then she could complain in a beautiful second language.

Jorge M. Zaragozi

Piling on
New Times readers might think that Jen Karetnick is, as she hints, "culturally incorrect," but I ask those readers to take a closer look. She seems to have taken to the old adage "When in Rome ..." She is doing exactly what the Romans did. It's called imperialism.

Seriously, the joke is on Jen, since she is not willing to integrate with the community. Here being Hispanic is beginning to mean that you are in the majority. When that day comes, and Jen is replaced because she refused to learn Spanish, will her replacement express this same brand of perniciousness?

David Jonathan Foster
Coral Gables

A Little Relief from the Tough Stuff
I've been meaning to write New Times regarding the Cafe column written by Jen Karetnick. I look forward to reading her restaurant reviews every week. Not only are they witty, they're insightful and very informative. I've enjoyed her column immensely for quite some time now. It is the reason I pick up New Times. Well, the movie reviews are fun too.

Ernie Joya
Miami Beach

C'mon Guy, the Wicked Wanda of the West He/She Ain't
This creature ("Wanda Woman," April 30), the Bitch of SoBe, is of another era. The day of the bitchy drag queen is over. People come to SoBe to enjoy themselves. The community is a rich, diverse, fine blend of people from every racial, social, economic, and sexual orientation. It all adds up to a colorful and pleasant environment, a true example of the melting pot that Miami and New York would like to be.

How disgusting that a thing like this Wanda bitch would come along and try to ruin it. How stupid can this thing be. He has been thrown out of many clubs. Catch a clue: You're not wanted! The good news is the degenerate wants to move to New York, although I would recommend a small Pacific island with a population of one. I originally come from New York and I know. The one club that will welcome Wanda is on Riker's Island.

Jeffrey Fitchelberg
Miami Beach

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