Beware the Really Big One
Nowhere in Ted B. Kissell and Hortense Leon's article about Miami Beach's towering Frankensteins ("Builder Beware," March 12) does anyone -- not city officials, not the Design Review Board, not the mayor -- mention how devastating Hurricane Andrew was to Homestead. Imagine a hurricane that might have ten times the strength of Andrew landing right on Miami Beach. All that would be left standing would be the golden memories.

Andres Kendai

Pierre's Neighborly Greeting
I am an immediate neighbor of the street barricade I read about in Kathy Glasgow's "The Great Barrier Beef" (March 12). Let me bring up a few items that were not in the article.

The Little River Club had access from 79th Street, which they have decided to terminate by putting up an eight-foot gate, thus making access possible only from 80th Street.

When the barricade was moved to the north side of 80th Street, it excluded us on 80th Street from being part of our own neighborhood and brought in the riffraff from 79th Street and Biscayne Boulevard.

When Club Madonna opened, it brought more trash into the neighborhood -- johns and ladies of pleasure. What a perfect setting on a quiet, dark street, in front of your house!

And what about the INS building and the demonstrations that bring trucks and traffic in? They realize too late it's impossible to go west, so they back up fast and carelessly, not watching for children, dogs, and landscaping.

What about the Little River Club itself and what it brings into the neighborhood? People begging for money, for a job, looking for something to steal and resell -- anything for a buck! And what about their cars that zoom by, all that extra traffic and drivers going 50 miles per hour? How about the noise that disturbs all the neighbors when they have their loud parties until the wee hours of the morning? And what about cleaning the carpet at night with steam cleaner trucks disturbing my sleep for three to four hours?

The only thing they are succeeding in is disturbing and imposing themselves and basically not caring at all for Shorecrest, especially the people living on 80th Street.

Pierre Gaston Labelle

The Sagacious Mr. Sanchez Has Spoken
I have made several observations. Readers of New Times need to be informed about the Miami Herald. The Miami Herald runs the same articles that New Times has reported but doesn't mention New Times as the source. The Miami Herald makes it sound like they came up with the story. But New Times readers know they are lying because New Times investigations are more thorough than those of the Miami Herald. The scandal at the seaport was first reported by New Times. So was Bruce Kaplan's mortgage problems. These same stories were later reported by the Miami Herald as if they were their ideas.

I would like to make a modest proposal to the Miami Herald: If you are going to run the same stories as those in New Times, you should give royalties to New Times reporters. You should also list these articles under a new section called "Stories We Stole from New Times."

Jesus Sanchez

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