The article serves only to embarrass New Times in your community. Obviously the pea-brained Mr. DeFede does not know better, but the editor should.

Franklyn B. Glinn

Professional Jealousy, No Doubt
I read Ted B. Kissell's article "The Bad Boys of Miami Beach" (April 2) in praise of the SunPost and was very upset to see he forgot to mention their best staff writer, Alicia Saxe.

Ms. Saxe is an arts columnist who writes weekly on theater and local artists. Her writing is interesting, informative, thought-provoking, and often humorous. How could Mr. Kissell name all the other staff columnists and leave her out? Shame on him.

Adrienne Michaels

As Tessa Says, Lesbians Get Screwed
I found Kirk Nielsen's article "Lost Girls in the Night" (April 2) a fascinating if superficial look at the lesbian-bar promotion "industry." It is an industry, a business, and businesses like to make money. One message was missed among the details of who screwed over whom (Stephen Kneapler and Lisa Cox appear to be well-matched opponents). That message is this: Lesbians get screwed.

The word on the street is there are no lesbian bars in Miami. Women come to me at church, at work, in the grocery store asking where to go on Friday and Saturday night. "Fort Lauderdale," I tell them with a sigh.

Lesbians don't get a bar of their own for longer than a few months at a time. Look at Gadyva, look at Electra. Gay men have bar after bar to attend. As only a lesbian couple would know, straight bars are not safe. Hey, even South Beach isn't safe.

So where do we go? Out in packs of ten to Stella Blue to see Diane Ward, or we drive 45 minutes to 2509, which is like the new JJ's or the old reliable Partners of Dania. It's slim pickin's in this greedy, dog-eat-dog world of the hotel-restaurant industry, which is geared to make as much money as quickly as possible.

Tessa Boudreaux

Killian Nine: Finally, a Dawson Defender
After reading Ted Kissell's article "Reading, Writing, and ... Ohmygod!" (March 5) about the Killian pamphlet, I was moved to respond. I have not seen anyone defend principal Timothy Dawson's decision. Yet if the pamphlet had been allowed to circulate in the school community and a parent had brought it to Dawson's superiors, he could have been disciplined for his inability to maintain school policy.

Our children are important and should be treated fairly. If Mr. Dawson had overreacted in any way, a meeting with the parents and the school board would have sorted it out.

Velma Palmer

Killian Nine: Don't Forget, Dawson Is the Victim
After reading the "racist" and "threatening" Killian pamphlet, I had to fight back the tears from laughing so hard. As a 1996 Southwest Miami High graduate, I was taken on a journey down memory lane by the Killian pamphlet.

I am very familiar with the "park & talk" and most of the other things addressed in the students' First Amendment pamphlet. The things that were said summarized life as a current high school student. Those kids just wrote down what many of us have thought about but never cared to mention.

I had often fantasized about attacking people walking in front of me in the hallways, people who felt there was no need to go to class on time. Or I always resented the "security guards" who spent more time flirting with girls, giving hall passes to truant jocks, or confiscating our "dangerous" Walkmans than actually protecting us students.

The First Amendment was neither disrespectful nor a threat to principal Timothy Dawson. In fact, if the writers had actually acted on their aggression, the student population at Killian would consist of only the pamphlet writers and their close friends.

I think Mr. Dawson should be scrutinized for blowing an obvious First Amendment right way out of proportion. But of course, I forgot: He is the victim here! Taxpayers want our administrators to be happy, not our children to be educated.

Cristina Hernandez

Methadone Saved My Life
I am appalled by Paula Park's article "The Addiction Connection" (March 19) on methadone maintenance. I believe she should have done more in-depth research. This girl Michelle, who was interviewed, seemingly had her own agenda. I'm sure she didn't come forward of her own volition. She was probably paid money to misrepresent the entire methadone maintenance program. In other words, she would have readers believe that she was duped into joining the methadone program, that she never had a choice. I have news for Michelle: You always have a choice. I also believe it is totally out of line for her to blame Dr. Roberto Ruiz for her being a junkie. We all have choices. There are other ways to deal with her addiction.

Most of the people Ms. Park interviewed were most likely bitter over an event brought on totally by themselves. So they blame the nurse, the counselors, and the doctors. As far as labeling Dr. Ruiz "the methadone king," I have been at this clinic on and off for ten years and I've never heard that expression used by anyone. Dr. Ruiz is saving people's lives. You can't put a price tag on a person's life.

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