And right up there in eunuchlandia is the Miami Herald, with its faux paterfamilias concern, betraying itself as the oligarchy-boot-licking lap dogs it in fact is. A heartfelt thanks to the editorial staff at New Times for reprinting the document and showing once again, as you do almost every week, that you are a much-needed voice in the community and a patch of fertile ground in a journalistic wasteland.

Ignacio Medrano-Carbo

Killian Nine: Shocking but No Surprise
I have to admit I was shocked by many of the things involving the First Amendment pamphlet -- shocked by the profanity, shocked by the actions taken, and shocked by the response. But I must also say that I am not the least bit surprised by the ideas expressed.

The school system has been corrupted, not in the ways of money and power but in the ways of students losing their right to learn. They suffer tremendously and often concern themselves more with how they look than with what they're learning.

As a former Killian student (I graduated last year), I can attest to the problems expressed. The security guards become friends with the troublemakers because they're "cool." The guards are more concerned with making sure you have a hall pass than if the guy behind you is packing a .45. And what about the teachers who overlook cheating because the cheerleader and quarterback have to be at the game tonight? I am fortunate, though. I was able to graduate at the top of the class and go on to a better education. I had some of the best teachers, most of whom are no longer at Killian.

The foul-mouthed writers of the pamphlet should be given credit for having the will to tell stories of the inner workings of the school that our parents can't begin to imagine. As I read First Amendment I was reminded of another famous pamphlet, this one called Common Sense. In our country's path to independence, it was one of the most important pieces of writing. And the revolutionary behind it, Thomas Paine, is now heralded as a hero.

May the students behind the new pamphlet take their own place as voices eager to speak. And may the principal, the parents, and the government listen. Sometimes the truth hurts.

Carlos R. Villa

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