Traveling Team

Fourteen of the the fifteen players on the current Stingaree roster appear to hail from outside the Miami Senior High School attendance zone

Name: Udonis Haslem
Grade: Senior
Home School: Miramar High (Broward County)

How Attend Miami High: Took Miami address at home of booster Sylbrin Robinson Senior Central Majority to Minority (M&M) transfer

Name: Antonio Latimer
Grade: Senior
Home School: Miami High

How Attend Miami High: A transfer from Puerto Rico, he lives in an efficiency owned by the parents of Rosie Faz, a member of the Miami High School athletic department staff.

Name: Thaddeus Ambrose
Grade: Senior
Home School: Jackson
How Attend Miami High: M&M

Name: Larry Shannon
Grade: Senior
Home School: Jackson

How Attend Miami High: School records indicate address is outside Miami High attendance zone. "They told us it was in [the Miami High] district," says Shannon's father. "The coach checked it out, the counselor checked it out, everything came up legit."

Name: Bethuel Fletcher
Grade: Junior
Home School: Norland
How Attend Miami High:

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