Perhaps Mr. Gerson would rather see a police funeral?
New Times blew it on this one, too. Why not print quotes from both sides of the story in large, eye-catching inserts. For example, "Those officers' lives were in danger. A judge found it was good shooting, that it was justified. The police used extreme caution." The officers reacted appropriately to Ms. Ramsey's actions.

Sgt. Craig Leveen
Coral Gables Police Department
Coral Gables

Lock Her Up, Throw Away the Key, and Call Nurse Ratched
Assistant State Attorney Michele Block's depiction or characterization of Gwendolyn Ramsey made me want to laugh. Ramsey can hardly be classified as a "violent criminal." Ramsey's case carries with it an all-too-familiar scent: She flew over the cuckoo's nest, the cops did a Rodney King number on her, and then the courts buried her heart at Wounded Knee.

True justice consists of helping people like Ramsey, not labeling them misfits and locking them up indefinitely. Rehabilitation should fly as readily as bullets. Injustice must not be fought only on the streets but in our courts and jails as well.

Manny Losada

They Let the Sunshine In
Lynda Edwards has done a great public service with her recent article "Black Beauty" (February 12). Demonstrating that entrepreneurial drive and spirit will accomplish much, the article was a fascinating trip back in time.

Kudos to David and Lurel Julius for making Miami shine in the Sunlight, in more ways than one. As Miami moves into its second hundred years, we need to know more about the successes of the past and build upon them to improve our future.

Benedict P. Kuehne

More Monkey Business at Metrozoo
I am writing in response to Ted B. Kissell's perceptive analysis of Metrozoo ("It's a Jungle in Here!" January 22). The conflict about who actually controls and operates Metrozoo is a moot point. The nonprofit Zoological Society of Florida has a tremendous influence with the maintenance of the zoo, but if only 42 cents out of every dollar in raised contributions is channeled to the upkeep of the zoo, then something is wrong.

Robert Stewart Denchfield
Miami Beach

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