La Marina replaced the Riverwatch and the Library at the Marina Marriott and continues to serve many of the favorite dishes of the old restaurants, with the addition of "New Florida" items that combine local seafood with some of the flavors found in South Florida and the Caribbean. The restaurant purposely does not tout "New World" cuisine because our chefs are always experimenting with traditional and nontraditional flavors that don't necessarily fit the definition.

La Marina consistently receives high praise from our customers -- the critics whose opinions we value most. We are always striving, however, to improve our cuisine, and we will absolutely take Ms. Karetnick's critique into consideration.

John Weit, general manager
Fort Lauderdale

Brace Yourselves: This Could Be the Very Last Harvey Slavin Letter We'll Ever Publish!

As I am moving out of the South Florida area to pursue a megabuck position (but not as much as Jen Karetnick earns!), I just wanted to thank New Times for not only putting up with me over these many years but for wisely publishing so many of my truthful and accurate letters.

While the letters surely enhanced New Times's standing in the seedy world of journalism, the Miami Herald has remained at the ebb of lowly journalistic aesthetics because they have stupidly refused to publish my letters for more than four years. (Just because I have called them rotten bastards, liars, phonies, and anti-Semitic Jew-haters in my mail. You'd think they would get over it. Nah!)

In looking over the past few issues of New Times, I have come to this conclusion: It's still the best place for futon and bikini ads, but now also serves just as well the tattoo artists and those so-called cosmetic surgeons who may or may not be accredited.

In closing, other than a Sunday Miami Herald "Viewpoints" section that includes the usual bullshit from David Lawrence, Jim Hampton, and Doug Clifton (some unholy triumvirate, huh?), New Times is still my bird's favorite bird-cage bottom!

Rest easy, New Times staff! You're still number one to me!
Harvey Slavin

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