Anarchy in Allapattah

Residents of Allapattah have come to fear the boys who hang at 1024, And they have reason to

Doo finishes up displaying the Argentine shotgun and giddily discusses the feud that necessitates its presence.

This is how it went down, according to Doo: Exactly a week ago a crew from 58th Street went looking for trouble with the 38th Street Crew. They rolled up to 1024 in a dark blue Ford Taurus with tinted windows. But word had come back to the boys to brace for an attack, and reinforcements quickly gathered. "You should have seen it," Doo says. "There was a mob."

Someone with the 38th Street Crew pulled a .22-caliber pistol and fired a shot at the car, prompting four or five other boys to pull their own guns and fire on the car. In all, Doo estimates, five to ten shots went off. The Taurus sped to the corner and only then returned fire with the ack ack of a Tec-9 machine pistol. Then it zoomed away. No one was injured, no windows shattered, no buildings or cars hit. One of the younger boys was sent out to pick up shells before the police arrived.

Police records indicate that officers did respond to a report of "shots fired" that night. But when they arrived, there were no witnesses and not much else to go on, according to Lt. Vila. Neighbors also recalled hearing shots but were too scared to get involved.

After the firefight, one of the crew brought over the shotgun in case the 58th Street crew came back.

As Doo is winding up his story, a troop of boys bursts into the house and one of them approaches Doo. The boy has a gray T-shirt wrapped around his face and wears a multicolor leather jacket. He's angry an outsider is here and demands to know who's asking all the questions. Just as suddenly as he appeared, he leaves.

Doo says not to mind him. He returns to his story about last Saturday. Apparently a neutral party talked to both sides and now the dispute, whatever it was, is over. "It's squashed, it's over," he says as he puts the shotgun back in its hiding place. "There's no hate here."

A little after 11:00 p.m. Connie Anguiera comes home. She pokes her head in the garage door and surveys the assembly of boys with a stern gaze, then turns to leave. Moments later, she drives off with a friend, leaving behind a house full of boys and at least one shotgun.

Epilogue: At 3:30 a.m. this past Friday, a dark green Dodge pulled up to 1024. According to police, someone in the car leaned out the window with a rifle and fired off several rounds. Bullets hit two teenage boys standing in the front yard. One, an eighteen-year-old, was hit in his left arm and thigh. The other, age nineteen, was hit in his left ankle.

As of press time police had made no arrests. Investigators were looking into whether the shooting was related to the feud with the crew from 58th Street.

A neighbor who heard the gunfire said, "I just pray every day that it ends.

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