Tom Bowker
Coral Gables

Clash of the Eternal Verities
Michael Roberts ("Songs You Hate to Love," November 20) refers to "Black Is Black" as "bubble gum." I call it profound. Perhaps we are both correct. I know I am.

Hmmm. "Profound bubble gum." What a concept!
Lionel Goldbart
Miami Beach

Take That Sea Bass, Wrap It in a Herald, and Heap the Praise on Jen
Jen Karetnick certainly gets a lot of heat for her reviews, so I really must come to her defense. I think her reviews are extremely truthful, and I have had similar experiences at the places she has described.

Too often the Miami Herald gives glowing reviews for places that, in my estimation, certainly don't deserve it. A case in point is its recent review of Balans on Lincoln Road, which the Herald lists as "exceptional," with a specific rave for the sea bass. I tried the sea bass and found it extremely plain and certainly not worthy of a "must try." Jen's review of Balans was more even, and more accurate.

I also appreciate her description of portion size compared with price, something the Herald seems to overlook. Case in point: the tiny, insulting portions served at Pacific Time and the former Pacific Heights duo. Only Jen noted this in her reviews; the Herald simply raved about how good the food was.

My strategy for eating out is usually to wait until Jen reviews a place and go from there. If both the Herald and New Times review a restaurant, my decision whether to go always defaults to New Times. No reviewer is more accurate and on the mark.

Scott Toth

In his cover story "Coming of Age on the 50-Yard Line" (November 27), staff writer Robert Andrew Powell erroneously stated that Anthony Dawkins had transferred money from one account to another while he was running the football program at Gwen Cherry Park. New Times regrets the error.

In addition, while Powell wrote that Metro-Dade police investigated Dawkins for embezzlement but filed no charges, he neglected to mention that a subsequent audit by the county found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing on Dawkins's part. In his August 1994 report, auditor Roger Lewis wrote: "The investigation by Metro police found no wrongdoing on the part of the Inner City Youth corporate officers, simply poor recordkeeping and a lack of proper expense documentation.... [County auditors] have met with [Dawkins] and outlined our expectation of documentation and accounting for grant funds.

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