Air Base Confidential

The Guest List
The following people participated in the November 25 meeting at Sen. Bob Graham's downtown Miami office

Elected officials
*Sen. Bob Graham (by speaker phone)
*Miami-Dade Mayor Alex Penelas
*Homestead Mayor Steve Shiver

From the federal government
*Kathleen McGinty, chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality
*Sally Ericsson, CEQ associate director for natural resources
*Sheila Cheston, air force general counsel
*Nancy McFadden, Department of Transportation general counsel
*William Leary, senior counselor, assistant secretary of the interior
*Gary Guzy, counselor, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency
*Neal McAliley, Department of Justice attorney

From the county
*Armando Vidal, county manager
*Gary Dellapa, aviation director
*Richard Mendez, aviation staff
*Sandy O'Neil, mayor's senior adviser
*Ari Lynn Turner, mayor's staff
*Virginia Sanchez, mayor's staff
*Blanca Mesa, mayor's staff
*Tom Robertson, county attorney's office
*Tim Abbott, county attorney's office
*Guillermo Olmedillo, planning, development, and regulation director
*John Renfrow, Department of Environmenta Resources Management director
*Carlos Espinoza, DERM assistant director
*Susan Markley, DERM staff
*Sue Alspach, DERM staff
*Terry Murphy, chief of staff, Commissioner Natacha Millan

*John Asmar, Homestead city manager
*Peggy Demon, chief of staff, Rep. Carrie Meek
*Ellen Roth, district representative, Sen. Bob Graham

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