Loud and Proud

Away from its full-length CD projects, Cavity often works with various smaller labels that put the band on compilations. These indies also release limited editions of seven- or twelve-inch singles. Cavity's current studio ventures include a seven-inch for Arm Records of Lawrence, Kansas; a couple of tracks to go on a compilation CD for No Records of Berkeley; and a version of "Into the Void" for a Black Sabbath cover project to be released by Boston's Hydrahead Records.

Local music fans have been slower to recognize the perverse joys of the Cavity sound. But the band did receive three nominations for Slammies -- local-rock awards -- this year: Best Male Vocalist (Barge), Best Guitarist (Juan Montoya), and Best National Release (Drowning). The band didn't win anything. It did, however, perform at the ceremony. "They were one of the highlights of the show," says Slammie founder Jim Hayward. "But they're so antiestablishment that they tried very hard to stay out of the spotlight; it seemed like they were almost afraid they were going to win."

"The Slammies were a joke," Barge scoffs. "I went home with the emblem of the amp stamped in the middle of my head, and the rest of my face was all black and blue. The monitors were coming off the stage, people were running away from us. The place was full of jocks and somebody was giving the sound guy the throat-cutting motion so he would turn us off. It was chaos; we were just too much for them."

When a band produces a sound that tends to drive people out of venues, the potential for large, adoring audiences is somewhat limited. But Barge thinks the lackluster local support goes deeper than that: "In the late Seventies, with rock bands like Kiss and Black Sabbath, kids would go see them and literally stick their heads in the amplifiers. They needed that pummeling, that intensity. Now we're in an era with the most gun control ever, the most paranoia, the most control groups; the government is a mockery. It's really so strange that people just seem to be sticking their heads into computers. Does the computer provide that much amplification for them? I don't see why there aren't more people out there that are into getting annihilated by sound.

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