After three years I ran for the legislature and felt much better in those two terms.

Robert L. Floyd

Article Accurate! Subject Amazed!
I was amazed at the accuracy of Paula Park's reporting in her article concerning me and my work on a number of forensic-document cases, including the John F. Kennedy-Marilyn Monroe hoax ("It's Authentic When Linda Hart Says It's Authentic," October 23).

I was also impressed with the thorough job she did in checking out the information I gave her. I really wasn't expecting that. I've been interviewed before for similar features and this was the first time the reporter actually checked out the information and included quotes from outside sources.

I also want to commend your online editor for including a link to the American Society of Questioned Document Examiners' Website. Too often our field is confused with that of graphology. We are constantly trying to find ways to inform the judiciary and the public of the difference between forensic scientists and "handwriting experts." New Times has helped us take a giant step in that process.

Linda Hart

The New Times Charity Case o' the Month
Why do angels fly? Because they take themselves lightly!
As Kirk Semple reported, for Camillus House to be in financial difficulty ("First the Homeless, Now the Jobless," October 9) must be heartbreaking for Brother Paul Johnson, local presiding "angel" for the homeless.

If this community can come up with millions for sports arenas, port expansion, Metrorail, busways, surveys, art displays, fireworks, and office buildings, can't we generate some enthusiasm to take care of our most important commodity -- human beings in need?

I challenge New Times to start a fund for Camillus House from your readers. I'll bet you could cancel their financial shortfall immediately.

Ronald C. Rickey
Miami Beach

How to Write a Satire Without Really Realizing It
Paula Park's article about Dade County's public school administrators was very interesting ("How to Succeed in Education Without Really Studying," September 25). I told my sister about how Roger Cuevas and others got their master's degrees from nonaccredited schools. For five years she has been working on a degree, and she was dumbfounded! She questioned whether the article was satire. Am I taking New Times too seriously?

Martha Backer

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