Noise? What Noise? Oh, You Mean the Airplanes!
This responds to an anonymous letter to the editor by an alleged Boeing 747 pilot regarding noise-abatement practices at Miami International Airport (MIA), which ran in the September 18 New Times.

As part of the airport's "good neighbor" policy, the Dade County Aviation Department (DCAD) has published and circulated to all aircraft operators procedures entitled "Noise Abatement Departure Profiles." These procedures are a result of a survey conducted by DCAD that requested information from our user airlines about which noise-abatement departure profiles they use -- Federal Aviation Administration or International Civil Aviation Organization. As a result of this survey, and analysis by our staff and consultants, noise-abatement departure profiles were specifically designed for MIA by aircraft type.

The pilot notes in the letter that the ICAO "close-in" procedure should be used. Analysis has shown, however, that for his type of aircraft the best procedure for MIA and its neighboring communities is the FAA AC91-53A distant procedure. If he flies a B-747 aircraft in and out of MIA, I encourage him to contact his management to get a copy of this procedure and learn how he can be a part of the solution.

Since this person states he is very well-known around MIA, we would also encourage him to educate his colleagues about these "fly-neighborly" procedures, since neither DCAD nor the FAA can enforce the requested departure profiles, but instead must rely on the cooperation of professionals like him. In addition, it should be noted that DCAD will in the very near future have the capability to determine which airlines and pilots are utilizing noise-abatement procedures at MIA and which are not. This will be accomplished through the use of our own radar tracking and noise-monitoring system designed specifically for MIA.

As for closing the airport, DCAD does close runway 12/30 during evening hours to reduce the noise impact on neighboring communities. In addition, many other rules and programs are in place at MIA for the purpose of reducing noise impacts.

Amaury Zuriarrain
deputy aviation director
Dade County Aviation Department

God Made Me Do It
Will Ricardo Ferreira ("Letters," August 28) and his ilk never understand? When he suggests reading a Bible under a tree, again we must ask, which Bible? The fact that he capitalizes the word Bible suggests to me he means the one true bible (read: the one he reads).

I do agree with Mr. Ferreira on one point, however: We must all assume responsibility for our actions. The problem I have with people who think the way he does is that they tend to blame everything on "God's will." Talk about a crutch! Practicing what I call "selective memory," they label homosexuality an irresponsible behavior, forgetting to mention heterosexuals who abuse their spouses, who father children out of wedlock and then disappear (or worse, stick around and abuse the children), who work the welfare system for undeserved financial assistance, who marry but carry on adulterous affairs.

Mr. Ferreira, don't throw in God's lap problems you have with people whose lifestyle is different from yours while you ignore problems created by your own "Christian" community. Those of us who are different from you don't blame Him for your actions or existence.

Frank Troha

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