Annette Twiggs
Palm Coast, Florida

Sweet Crybaby Bruce: Floyd's Hole in the Head
I completely disagree with John Floyd. He should open his ears and his mind.
Bruce Morton
Chicago, Illinois

Sweet Crybaby Stacy: She'll Stop Ranting Real Soon
James Taylor has never professed to be anything more than a man who has put his feelings to music and attracted a few people by doing so. He himself has said he'll never quite understand what the attraction is.

The attraction is there, believe me. You don't sell 30 million albums without attracting a lot of people who can identify with what you're saying. We've all been there: the lost loves, the broken dreams, the wish to escape, the rush of life that can sometimes drive you mad. Hell, even my kids have been known to break into a chorus of "Damn This Traffic Jam."

John Floyd neglected to mention that Hourglass debuted on Billboard's charts at number nine. Not bad for an old guy, eh? Floyd compared him to Fleetwood Mac? Ha ha ha. (Where did they park their walkers for that last MTV special?) If anything, James's voice has gotten more mellow with time, and his range has grown greatly.

I'm sorry; I know I'm ranting, so I'll stop. If Floyd wants to hear a really great song, listen to "I Will Follow" or listen again to "Another Day," though I don't presume to think I'll change his mind.

Stacy Klaus, president
James Taylor Fan Club
Baytown, Texas

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