When the Art Starts

Miami artist/domestic mad scientist Robert Chambers habitually uses materials such as scented hair mousse, colored silk, and false eyelashes in his engaging sensory installations. On September 26 he turns the Ambrosino Gallery into a black-light room filed with "mysterious sounds" and psychedelic effects.

At Miami-Dade Community College's Wolfson Campus, History of the Marching Band opens on September 10. New York artist David Scher fills the Centre Gallery with small drawings, collages, and abstract doodles that have nothing to do with marching bands.

A show opening at Quintana Gallery on September 21 raises this question: Do we really need another Andres Serrano retrospective? Yes, the NEA poster boy is back, and while this collection of fifteen photographs will hardly match the size of the 1995 Center for the Fine Arts exhibition, it will include works from several of Serrano's best-known series, dating from 1984. These include the Helms-inciting pictures of objects bathed in urine (not, however, the infamous Piss Christ) and snappy studio portraits of homeless people. Premiering in Miami are self-consciously styled, stiffly posed photos from Serrano's "A History of Sex" series, featuring an old man and a young woman, a woman and a horse, and other unexpected couplings.

Also in September, Miami's favorite folk artist Tomata du Plenty -- who now lives in New Orleans -- salutes the women who make America beautiful. Da Doo Ron Ron, his show at 821 on Lincoln Road, features painted cutouts of famous women with big hair, "from the Gabor sisters' French rolls to Angela Davis's defiant Afro, from the Supremes' Motor City coifs to Brigitte Bardot's tousled bohemian mess," according to du Plenty. The opening starts at 7:00 p.m. with a "hair hopping" performance at 10:00. Tease up your best bouffant.

At last the season has begun.

Art returns: Works by Andres Serrano (at Quintana Gallery) and many others invade Miami this month

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